Raspberry Pi, SDR and HF

Here is a quick update on the pi/sdr for use with HF. I am not able to run any type of dsd for uhf/vhf so I tried some hf using a cheap converter. I had to use a powered usb hub to get the power needed. And the 9 volt battery powers a 12v 4.3 inch cheap screen. I had some sound issues, but a cheap USB sound card helped a little. As you can see I am just trying to get something stable and working for CHEAP so those who might be limited by a budget can get into this hobby. For some reason those hams who have spent thousands upon thousands for something the does close to the same thing really have a hate for the “cheaper” hardware. I see it as a way for people who might not get into amateur radio to test it out and who knows they might turn out to contribute to the hobby more then one could imagine. I will post some more images later of the SDR running once I get the setup cleaned up a bit. For those looking to get RTLSDR running on your pi, Start with installing git, cmake, pkg-config, libusb-1.0, mono-complete(mono-runtime), libportaudio2.

HackRF from 100 megaherz to 6 gigaherz TX and RX

HackRF is a ~$300 SDR that works from 100 megaherz to 6 gigaherz tx/rx

For that range and price I am sure there is going to be a large demand and as soon as I find out about when they will be taking orders I will update this post.

You can follow it yourself at:


See the forbes article below:


Raspberry PI and SDR

After playing with RTLSDR on windows for a little while I decided to get it up and running on a few of my Linux boxes. After that I decided to see if the SUPER CHEAP raspberry pi can handle it. Well it took a little playing with but I have it up and running!

For those not familiar with the raspberry pi it is a linux based “computer” for just ~$25.00 USD. You can find out more info on the PI at the website below.


Low resource SDR:

http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr Continue reading

RTLSDR Starting from the beginning

First I want to say I just went off of what I read in multiple places and I will try to give proper credit and sources where due. All of this info other people worked hard on so I do not want anyone to think this is something original, just my experiences and process. First off I take zero responsibility if you try this and mess anything up, this should be obvious but I guess is not.

First I got this dongle for $22.00 USD shipped it can be found many places online by searching for RTL2832U+E4000

I then bought some BNC,SMA,SO-239 connections to replace the “pal” connection on the dongle. Here are some pics of my process of removing the original connection and replacing with an BNC connection. Continue reading

SDR on Android with glSDR

Playing with glSDR on my asus tablet I can find and listen into active frequency’s.

glSDR ver. 16  did NOT work on my Galaxy S3.

When going from landscape to portrait screen orientation the app stops working with my asus transformer tablet but besides that works fine. (I turn off auto screen orientation as a temp fix)

You can download glSDR searching with your device in the play market or at this link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.v1al